Post spring break musings (aka Raygan’s Rambling again…)

I don’t want to work. I want to bang on the drum all day. I don’t want to play. I just want to bang on the drum all day.

This is going around and around and around in my head this morning. To be fair, I have been at my desk for an hour and I have already printed out the curriculum and word list for grade 1 and 3, and organized the first 6 lesson plans for grade 1 (that is approximately how many times I will see the kids before I depart in August, since I see them every other week). All I have to do before 4:30 is the lesson plans for grade 3 and the word lists and lessons for grade 4, which should take another hour or so. Oh, and meet with the teachers – only one of my new homeroom teachers is new, so this should be a breeze.

So, the slacking and thinking and reminiscing about my amazing spring break begins!

As almost everyone who would bother to read my blog or see this on FB knows, I went to England last week to attend the wedding of one of my oldest friends. This year, the finances have been… an issue… so I actually got to go thanks to some amazing family and friends sending me money for my 35th birthday. Thank you, my lovely friends and family. You are amazing! I cannot express how grateful I am. I was a bit stressed out and have been feeling guilty about not using the time to go home to see my family, but I hope they understand. I do feel recharged. That lonely place in my heart has been topped up with a lot of love and laughter.

To be honest, there isn’t a whole lot to tell, apart from the pictures that have already been posted. More will come, when Kat gets home and I snag her pics (I forgot my camera, so only had iPhone shots to share). The week was spent catching up with old friends, meeting some new ones, drinking a lot of delicious beer and cider, eating too much, doing a tiny bit of sight seeing, walking a lot, laughing so much I got numerous stomach aches, and realizing I am the crappiest packer in the world.

I was reminded of the fun I had when I lived in Darlington. The laughs with the rugby ladies, the way it was so easy to make friends and find like minded people. The great shops and products that can be found in England… I could happily become obese and extremely well groomed there 🙂 Although, their love of self tanner is a bit… excessive. I would love to live there again. I love the countryside, as well as the way the towns are laid out, and the market days year round. Hitting up an Abbey built in the 12th century reminded me how young Canada is, and how much I love history – even if I am a crap tourist, I can definitely enjoy wandering through some ruins. I also loved the camaraderie that came from being with people I have real history with. Kat and Steph are beyond being just my best girlfriends – they are my family, and spending time with them and the people who are important to them, makes me feel like my heart is truly full. They both have amazing partners who are a ton of fun to be around. And more than that, just easy to be with. I also got to spend time with Steph’s family – her sister Andrea and her husband Mark, her mom and her aunt Trish – all of whom are more like extended family to me.

On the downside, it made me feel more torn about my future. Where am I going to live? Why am I always going somewhere new, when I have so many good friends that I don’t live near. And family that I never see. Also, how can I figure out a way to live in England again? What would John and I do? How does teaching in Taipei fit into that? Gah. I am a disaster. Future plan? What future plan?

Being back in Japan, I also am feeling a bit guilty. Am I becoming too blind too see how great it can be, because of my wishful thinking for the next adventure? I realized while driving to work this morning that while I was away, Spring has EXPLODED all over my town. The brilliant pink trees are in bloom, as well as the white and soft pink cherry blossoms. I have, literally, 114 days left in Japan, and I need to make the most of them. (This means if you were ever thinking of visiting, DO IT NOW. )

I guess I should start making the most of them by getting back to my curriculum/lesson writing…. 😀


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