may sickness

I think I have 五月病. It is a real think according to the Japan Times.

Psychiatrist Hiromi Okuda calls the malady “a depressed state of mind” in her book “Buka wo Utsu ni Shinai Joshi no Kyokasho” (“Textbook on How to Prevent Your Subordinate from Being Subjected to Depression”). She says it is caused by a wide variety of events occurring at the same time in spring.

Symptoms include lack of motivation or a feeling of malaise, poor appetite, difficulty sleeping and the inability to enjoy pleasurable pursuits.

Ok, then she goes on to say that is isn’t an official sickness or anything, but it does sound a lot like what is going on with me, so I will take it. For the full article, read I know, I should make that a nice hidden link, but my computer is being a pain in the ass, and if you were paying attention you would see my lack of motivation means I am not interested in pursuing why that is.

I have nothing to complain about, honest. I am just in a funk. I have good friends, I have a good job, I am broke but that is a state I have been in for 15 years so that isn’t new (isn’t it messed up that the period of time when I had the most money was high school??), and I am relatively healthy (just getting pudgy again after not taking exercise seriously for too long). Golden week was fantastic – a beer festival and then playing games for 3 days in Osaka is not exactly a low-light of my time in Japan by any means.

To get over May Disease, Okuda suggests:

people tend to recover naturally if they can live more orderly lives with fewer assignments, and also by trying to avoid tense situations

So, with that in mind, I have cancelled a number of things on my May and June schedule, and I am going to relax… which will supposedly raise my motivation. Makes sense…?


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