The final countdown!

I was going to put in a YouTube video of that song, but my stupid schools won’t let me access YouTube. Supposed to be working or something, I guess. However, you all know how it goes.

De de den den, de de den den den,

de de den den, dedle en, dedle nen nen nen nen, nen nen!

Or, um, whatever.

I can’t even type those word (the song title, not the attempt at typing humming) without thinking of Matt, Justin and Tim and that crazy ass Christmas in KL about a million years ago. Back when I was a first year JET for reals, and went to Singapore and Malaysia with way too many people that I didn’t know very well, drank too much on Christmas Day with those 3 aforementioned people, and wound up on a plane to Bangkok. True story. Pissed off a number of people I was supposed to be going to Penang with – still shocks me they are still my friends! ( ❤ Jo and Jen!) The reason I think of this song was because as the clock struck midnight in this insane night club, they played the final countdown (to.. boxing day?) and a life sized Santa and his reindeer swooped down from the ceiling. You can’t make this shit up. It was insanity. Everyone (yes, us too) went freaking crazy. It doesn’t help that the $20 entry for 4 people gave us a 40 of Vodka and a 2 litre of coke. We got shittered. So, maybe Santa was smaller, but he seemed life sized. I also made the mistake of asking for ice for our drinks from the bar, and then spent the 5 days we were in Bangkok mostly lying on the white tile floor of the bathroom. And then dealing with a parasite for 6 months.

But I have digressed. Wow, have I digressed.

Today is a monumental day. Today is the day I go to the travel agents to buy my return ticket to Canada. Yeah, that is right. I am coming back. Batten down the hatches! Or something… It is hard to believe that 3 years ago I was finding out I was placed in Motosu, and planning on coming back over here. I had all these plans and schemes as to how the JET programme was going to help me solve my debt problems. Hahahahaaha. That is hilarious. I mean, it was fun, and I am glad I did it, but no. Solve debt problems it did not. But that too is another story.

The big deal is, that this is it. I have 2 months left. Actually, less than that, as I am hoping to fly out on August 1st. I have 2 paycheques left before I am faced with unemployment. I have no idea if this gamble of buying a better car in hopes my successor will want it will pay off. My apartment is a mess. I have too much stuff and need to start shipping things home. I have limited time, resources and energy, and not sure how I want to use the combination to make these last 2 months the best they can be. I am also heading back to the great unknown. I realized, that since the year 2000, I have only lived a grand total of 5.5 years in Canada. In 13 years I have lived abroad for 7.5. What! No wonder I have no idea what things cost, where I am going to work, or who to use as a reference anymore. I feel… panicky. I feel depressed and elated and a whole shwack of other things I am not sure I can name.

I don’t remember the Canadian spelling of things. I had to think about paycheque. But how do we spell theater? Is it theatre? Color is colour, but what about donut and neighbor? I feel on shaky ground here. Do we say loo? Or is that England? Will people know what I mean when I ask them where the combini is? Or the lift? Will I be able to eat at a restaurant again and remember how to tip? How do I have reverse culture shock already AND I HAVEN’T LEFT YET!?

I remember my first trip back to Canada when I was on JET. It was in September of my second year (2003). My trip was long and a huge pain in the ass because I went through the US. I got to Vancouver, and my parents took me to breakfast. I couldn’t decipher the millions of items on the menu. My mom thought I was insane, and realized I was TRANSLATING THE MENU TO JAPANESE. Then, we went to the grocery store and I almost had a panic attack in the orange juice aisle. HOW WERE THERE SO MANY CHOICES!?

I need to go breathe into a paper bag.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bowet000
    Jun 06, 2013 @ 22:11:00

    My reverse culture shock wasn’t nearly as severe or dramatic 3 years ago when I returned as it was when I first got back from JET. I’m sure though there’ll be some bumps you’ll be fine 🙂


  2. Magdalicious
    Jun 09, 2013 @ 11:05:26

    yeah, but 3 years ago you were coming back from Taiwan not Japan, of course the second time around I’m sure reverse culture suck is diminished. But I think that it would be easier from Taiwan in general :).


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